Dead and Gone: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel by Charlaine Harris

The ninth book in the series opens with Sookie watching a TV show where the hosts ambush a vampire and remake her wardrobe. I was laughing thinking any vampire worth her salt would have had the hosts on the ground bleeding in two seconds flat. But somehow the scene works and gives a bit of comic relief to the story to come. A little laugh before we find the story going into a dark and emotionally draining place.

The big reveal for the were’s is on the table, Sookies relationship to the Fairies is explained in more depth and Eric and Sookies spend some time talking about their past and future together.

But the main focus in this novel is the death of preganant women. Not death from complication or an accident. But murdered and in at leastone case, crucified. To say the story is dark is an understatment, it is downright horrifying. The discription of the crucification is enough to make anyone want to turn the pages and get away from what is happening but Ms. Harris finds a way to draw us into the scene. Finding the body in the back of Merlot’s begins a series of events that lead to danger for not only Sookie but for her friends and family.

There are quite a few storylines going on in Dead and Gone some of which seem to be only touched on but others will lead to the loss of familiar and well loved protagonists. There will be a betrayal by one of Sookies closest fiends. This book is chock full of plot lines. Maybe a few too many this time.


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